Why SigmaStat Training & Consulting?

Among statistical firms, only SigmaStat Training & Consulting, LLC brings you seasoned statisticians and scientists experienced in every phase of study design, including statement of clear and unambiguous research questions and accurate translation to statistical hypotheses; identification of comprehensive data needs and cost-effective sampling strategies; and state-of-the-art statistical techniques, interpretation, and compelling presentation of results.

Furthermore, we are experienced in a wide variety of applications including environmental, ecological, and biological studies; risk assessment, medical geography, and public health research; physical and human geography, climate change, food security, sustainability, and clean energy; and policy development related to many of these topics. We are skilled communicators with experience in conveying complex statistical concepts to audiences with wide-ranging areas of expertise.

Our Services

Our Service

In addition to training, SigmaStat Training & Consulting offers a variety of services, including consulting and research in environmental quality, geography, climate change, health sciences, medical geography, and ecology.

About Our Company

About Our Company

Dr. Sarah L. Hession founded SigmaStat Training & Consulting in 1997. Read more here...

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